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Automatic packaging machines

The VERTICAL PACK ECO range of packaging machines stands out due to its versatility, ease in use and high productivity.

The VERTICAL BAG automatic packaging machines make and pack bags starting from flat sheet rolls. The bags produced can be in plastic material, polyethylene film, coated (also aluminium), thermo-welding paper, co-extruded, polypropylene, etc.

The automatic VERTICAL PACK ECO packaging machines can be equipped with automatic weighing machines, volumetric cup batching machines, feeding conveyor belts with hopper equipped with pneumatic rolling gate, finished product discharging belts, etc.


  • touch screen
  • self-centring locking device for film roll
  • automatic centring of the film roll
  • reading sensors of film end
  • automatic stamping centring
  • film roll quick change device
  • bag-bottom vibrating device
  • programme memorisation for different formats
  • adjustable welding gun opening
  • setting of film haul-off speed


Short pasta, legumes, coffee, rice, cereals, frozen foods, spices, flour, detergent, chemical additives, yeast for bread, salt, sugar, cements, resins, fodders, pet food, sand, various grains, fertilisers, loam, seeds, pellets, plastic materials, candies, sweets, dry fruits, etc.


  • bellows or square bottom system
  • antistatic bag jolting device
  • different types of markers and codifiers
  • pre-arrangement for dust suction
  • pedana superiore con scala di accesso e ringhiere di protezione
  • bags with handle
  • model in stainless steel (for fertiliser, salt and aggressive products)

Maximum bag length 700 mm
Maximum bag width 480 mm
Maximum roll diameter 600 mm
Minimum roll band 400 mm
Maximum roll band 1000 mm
Power consumption 8 KW
Pneumatic consumption 300 Lt/min
Operating pressure 6-8 BARS
Max. production capacity up to 1600 BAGS/HOUR (depending on the weight and the product type)
Formats from 1 a 25 Kg (depending on the specific weight of the product)






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